I need HELP

Probably the vision above seems unrealistic, and yes, it definitely would be if I tried to do it by myself. But I know, that there are many other people on this planet who care about MS and who have time, knowledge and other resources which are necessary to turn the vision into reality.


Therefore, if you are affected by MS, either being diagnosed yourself or being close to someone who is, read on and if you feel, that you could provide something or just want to be kept informed about this idea, then


please REGISTER yourself at the discussion forum of this project:


What KIND of help am I looking for?

At the moment, I'm trying to figure out if there is interest for such an idea and how this idea could be realised.

If you think this idea is worth following, so please leave me your email-address, follow on FB or on Twitter or register at the forum. How you can do that is explained at the "CONTACT" page. This way I can see, if there is enough support for this idea.

In order to be able, to estimate the feasibility of the project, I need people with different domains of knowledge who are willing to support me and to discuss the idea. If you are one of those, please register at the forum http://butterflyeffect.onegoo.net/. Again, how you can register at the forum is also described at the "CONTACT" page.

Furthermore, if there are other things you would like to help with (web-design, logo creation, improve the text on this pages, ...) let me know and drop me a line at befproject@gmail.com.

How YOU could get engaged and participate

At the moment, this is just an idea. There are many open questions and things that have to be clarified. That’s why I need people with the appropriate knowledge and experience to join the discussion. 


In order to do that, I set up a discussion forum at http://butterflyeffect.onegoo.net/.


So, if you think you could provide something meaningful to this discussion or just want to be informed about what is going on, please register at this forum and join in.


Please follow the instructions to join the forum on the page "CONTACT".



I opened several different rooms in order to discuss several aspects of my vision. These are topic like:

  • What is an appropriate legal form for such an organisation?
    (What about taxes, statues, raising money, investing money...)
  • Will MS-patients and their relatives appreciate and support such an organisation, is there really a demand from their side
  • Is there a potential interest from companies developing new MS therapies in receiving venture capital from such an organisation
  • Should we really do it? are there consequences that could have negative impacts on the further development of MS therapies in general?
  • ...

And should you know somebody, who could be interested in helping or just knowing about this project, inform this person and spread the word about this idea.