General remarks

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The GOAL of the forum

Firstly, I'd like to use the forum as a place to discuss the idea. Secondly, it is an easy way how I can announce news about the vision to interested people.


I've set up the several different rooms to discuss several topics. So, if you want to join the discussion, register and start to discuss. Please read the section "How to REGISTER".


If you just would like to keep informed, please register as well and "start watching" the "General Announcements" in the forum. The "How to REGISTER" section explains how to do this.


The forum is the easiest way for me to keep in touch and to keep you informed. It is a VERY VERY easy way for me to ask for help if I should need additional support, regardless about what kind of topic. Therefore, it is really important, that you register and "start watching" the "General Announcements"!

RULES of the forum

First of all, please obey the netiquette. I will not tolerate insults in the forum and will not hesitate to delete such messages or to ban failing members.


If you would like to introduce yourself, there is a board that under the category "General". 


Please add to your profile your areas of expertise at least in general terms, if you don't want to be specific.


Formulate your sentences in a positive way. Nobody of us needs a forum where we tell each other what is impossible. Therefore, instead of saying things like "This cannot work, because I don't see how we could reach enough other people who are willing to support" write something like "If this should work, we need to find a way to reach enough people...". I guess, you get my point.


In my vision, this forum is about exploring new ideas. I personally know how hard it is if you are confronted with MS and I definitely don't want offend you. But this forum is not about our personal fate, so please don't discuss personal stories on the board. You can add parts of your personal story in your profile or you could write an introduction post.


Create an account in the forum:

  1. Open 
  2. Press the link "Register" in the top-right corner of the page (or here)
  3. Agree to the "Forum Terms of service"
  4. Enter a "Username", a valid "E-mail address" and a "Password" and press the "Save" button
  5. Confirm your "Password", enter the "Confirmation Code" and press the "Save" button
  6. You will receive an E-mail from "" with your login data and a confirmation link, that you need to press (marked as "Click here")
  7. After that, you login to 

Start watching the "Announcements"

  1. In the "General"-section click on the "Announcements" forum
  2. A list with all entries in the "Announcements" forum appears
  3. Press the link "Start watching forum" at the bottom-right of the list


Edit your profile

  1. On the top-right of the page, ther is a link "Welcome <YourUsername>"
  2. This  opens a drop down menu
  3. Select "Edit profile" from this menu
  4. This opens a page with several panels to configure your profile
  5. In the "Information" panel, share as much information as you like
  6. In the "Signature" panel, please add a statement about your "domain knowledge/expertises". Note: this information is attached to every post you are making in the forum